Explore Greenhouse in person...

Do you want to learn more about Greenhouse at an in-person event? Click ‘Register for Explore Greenhouse Weekend’ below to get started.

The next Explore Greenhouse Weekend will be on September 25-27, 2022 in Chicago, beginning Sunday at 10am. The deadline to apply is Tuesday, June 28.

  • Anyone can register for an Explore Greenhouse Weekend and have the option to pay for Greenhouse accommodations or make their own personal arrangements.
  • At an Explore Greenhouse Weekend, you’ll get to:
    • Hear Greenhouse vision and values,
    • Learn how our hiring process and support raising work
    • Visit several Greenhouse churches in the Chicagoland area, including campus or nursing home congregations, lay-led congregations, and new church plants.

Apply to become a leader...

If you are already interested in joining Greenhouse, click ‘Start the Application Process.’ Here’s what you can expect

  1. Fill out the short interest form.
  2. A Greenhouse leader will call you back to get to know you.
  3. If we decide to move forward together, we will send you the full application form.
  4. Financial Assessment Form and ask for 2 references
  5. Zoom Interview
  6. We will send you the registration for Launch Week

What are launch weeks?

Launch Week is the starting place for Greenhouse mission staff, church planters, catechists, interns, regional leaders, friends & partners, and includes prayer, multiethnic worship, and visits to Chicagoland congregations set in urban, campus, Latino, and Black communities.

Here’s the info:

  • Launch Week is only for those who have completed the application process (get started above) and registration is sent to you as part of your application process.
  • Launch Weeks are typically hosted in Chicago, the home of Greenhouse Movement.
  • The application deadline is always 2 months prior to the next available Launch Week.
  • The next Launch Week will be September 25 – 29, 2022 in Chicago, beginning Sunday at 10am (please plan to arrive Saturday and depart on Friday). The deadline to apply is Tuesday, June 28.
  • Greenhouse Movement offers three Launch Weeks each year (January, May, September). Launch Weeks include all of the onboarding training for those who have completed their application process and have been hired as new Mission Staff.
  • New Mission Staff usually begin employment this week and learn how to raise support using Ministry Partner Development.

We believe you can be instrumental in bringing the healing power of Jesus to those far from God.


We come alongside emerging Christian leaders to help them discern where God is calling them and release them into ministry using their unique gifts.

Hands-On Learning

Our various movements provide training grounds to help emerging leaders learn practical ministry skills, deepen their emotional health, and grow their vision for the Gospel.

Ministry Experience

Rather than requiring a new pastor to be sent away to seminary and ordained first, we release lay ministers (catechists) to do the work and train them as they go.

Robust Community

By connecting streams of ministry across congregations, our movements create robust relational networks and clear paths for growth.