Growing Leaders

Become a Leader

Mission is the natural outflow of following Jesus.

All followers of Jesus can be missionaries and can develop their gifts for the good of God’s church. This belief is at the heart of our movement and is why we place such a high value on our leadership training program: the Greenhouse Ministry School. Through this program we train, disciple, and raise up leaders to bring the gospel into the communities where they are called. We value the work of the Holy Spirit in each person, which means roles are different and unique. But we wouldn’t have it any other way. By helping our leaders discern where God is calling them and, more importantly, encouraging them to pursue this call, we are able to reach many different neighborhoods, cities, regions, and nations.

Leaders - Become a Leader

Get Trained

Leaders - Get Trained
Our Greenhouse Ministry School is designed to help you discover the unique ways you can be a part of the spontaneous expansion of God’s church.
Built on the foundation of our pilot program, St. Paul’s House of Formation, new wings of the GMS are being crafted as we speak. Once it’s complete, we will have unique training paths devoted to:

• Pastoral care / Healing
• Worship arts
• Evangelism / Discipleship
• Leadership
You can be instrumental in bringing the healing power of Jesus to those far from God

We train you in a community of believers on the move for the sake of the Gospel. You will learn from these tools and more...


We come alongside emerging Christian leaders to help them discern where God is calling them and release them into ministry using their unique gifts.

Hands-On Learning

Our various movements provide training grounds to help emerging leaders learn practical ministry skills, deepen their emotional health, and grow their vision for the Gospel.

Ministry Experience

Rather than requiring a new pastor to be sent away to seminary and ordained first, we release lay ministers (catechists) to do the work and train them as they go.

Robust Community

By connecting streams of ministry across congregations, our movements create robust relational networks and clear paths for growth.